A Rose Shorrock painting in situ at the inspirational Crescent House by @make_architects. #design #architecture #interior #light #abstractpainting

Lots of works in progress ~

These eyes hold a lot of vision for me. I keep one on my desk at work and sometimes think that it must look creepy to others, having an eyeball staring at me all day, but then I feel the comfort from that. Someone’s watching over me, whether it be a spirit guide, an ancestor, or even my higher self, it makes me feel like I’m not alone. . Eyes, ‘the windows to the soul’, like a doorway into another galaxy that is beyond our understanding or comprehension, showing us that there’s more to this life than what we can physically see. What’s beyond that door? What have we yet to discover? If I follow my visions where will they lead me? . Lately I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with my life. I would love to go back to school but #adulting is taking priority right now. Maybe in a few years, if I stay focused and plan, maybe then I’ll find myself financially ready. This ultimately makes me think about my age and how I wish I would have gone to school years ago. However, what I want to do is counsel people and at eighteen I had zero life experience to do that. Going back at this stage means I’ve lived some decades, made many mistakes, and am able to see a natural gift that others have pointed out in me time and time again. . I’ve had the thought to use my art to fund this venture, which is really hard for me to do because putting a price on my creations just feels so uncomfortable. But, maybe, if I have a dedicated purpose, it could help get me to my school goals? I don’t know. It’s just a thought anyways.

I make funny faces when I concentrate real hard

Quasi-patterns ❤️ Almost-patterns beautiful oil on canvas! @otavio_pecego #contemporanyart #art #abstractpainting