補po昨晚 米其林一星大腕燒肉 超好吃😭😭😭 日本和牛那個油花 直接融化在嘴裡 Michelin one star Da-Wan I love wagyu beef!!!! #欣儀豬 #foodie #bbg #japanesebbq #wagyubeef

I am SO SORE but pushed through the daily moves. May have to take a rest day tomorrow but that’s how you know it’s working, right? 😏

One of my favorite week night meals to make is spaghetti squash pasta because it’s superrr easy, healthy and leaves a lot for leftovers/healthy work lunches🙌🏼⁣ ⁣ We typically switch it up between grass fed meat and veggies but since I’m not a huge meat lover, I have to pull some fast ones on the hubs every once in awhile. Tonight I took a carton of organic mushrooms and chopped them up into small pieces. Then I sautéed them to soften them up before I added the sauce. And then of course we topped it off with some nutritional yeast😍⁣ ⁣ Did you know mushrooms are a great source of protein, fiber, b vitamins, vitamin c, calcium, selenium and antioxidants?! Now ya do🙌🏼

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Don’t ask why my shorts are all messed up 🤦🏼‍♀️ this was my first time filming, and I think I want to start trying it more! Especially with squats and lunges where there’s so many errors that can be made. This is from week 6 arms and abs - squat and press. I just recently started adding in weights and LET ME TELL YOU.. all the difference 💪🏽 I’m doing fairly well at keeping my nutrition on track this week, and I feel great about how I’m doing! I increased my calories to about 1500 and I feel like that has really helped me feel full and like I’m not depriving myself so I won’t have a meltdown on the weekends 😂

HAPPY THURSDAYYYYY 😍😁😘 So many brilliant reasons to smile today 🌟

Sweat in the WILD 🦓🐘🦍 100% approved for wherever life takes you 🌍 || 📸: co-founder @tarynbell14 covers and protects her skin with Sweat™️ while in Africa 🗺 #onthego #activebeauty #safari

PAELLA ✨ #whatsmichelleeating Forgot to post this beauty and I’m already missing it! This was the biggest dish of the trip! (Compare to tiny fork pictured!) Proud to say us three demolished it! Does anyone have a good paella recipe!? I need to remake!

Tonight’s dinner was a success!! . Open-Face Avocado Burger & Turnip Fries 😋 . I must say I did an AMAZING job!! My #1 ingredient is Vitamin L and I totally recommend everyone adding a little of Vitamin L!! I know a lot of you are wondering “what the heck is Vitamin L” I’ll let you in on this little’s LOVE!! 🤫 . Always remember Food is LOVE!! . I’m getting ready to run a Mindful Nutrition Group! No restrictions, no counting, no weighing, no off limits, just really focusing in what you really ENJOY and what works best for YOUR body, because everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all diet! . You will receive a lifetime access to all 40+ course videos and any new ones to be uploaded, full recipe book with quick tasty meals, a eating out guide with tips for grocery shopping and how to stock your kitchen, a food journal to see how your body reacts to foods to find what serves you best and me as your coach! 💁‍♀️ If you want more info on the program and the private group I am hosting to guide you through this process of losing weight HAPPILY! Drop an 🍎 below or DM me... #2bmindset