❝ He's strict, but very affectionate, as I try to be. ❞ — Jackie Kennedy

Bobby and photographed with his son, Chris Kennedy. ✨

Is it bad I’m low key happy fortnite is bombing hardcore rn

Also, Happy Father’s day to all the new, existing, and expecting fathers! It’s one of the greatest achievements life can offer! —— Photographed here is Bobby and 9 of his children in their Hickory Hill home.

Bill Clinton is right. I think people treat him unfairly, since he came in in the 90s and boomed our economy and kept us at Peace and as the world leader. Clearly, one of the best presidents in history. On the other hand, the Trump administration is doing this cruel act for two reasons: 1.) To try to scare people away from America. They say if you come here, you will never see your kids again. 2.) Using children as leverage to try to get Congress to pay for the wall. Trump will say if you give me my wall, I'll give the children back to their parents. We must never give in to their bigotry! #Resist #Democrat #DemocraticParty #LGBT #Republican #GOP #Donald #Trump #DonaldTrump #Hillary #Clinton #NotMyPresident #Shame #BarackObama #Obama #FBI #Mueller #Russia #Putin #LockHimUp #Election #Midterms #BlueWave #2018 #2020 #G7 #Immigration

I think this is probably the smoothest way to open up this post. People are arguing so much about the distinction of ‘gender identity’ and ‘sex’ that they really believe gender and sex are two different things. We live in a society where people believe this is the correct and informative opinion. Gender refers to ‘birth’. The suffix ‘gen’— generation, generator, genesis, GENDER, refers to ‘create’ or ‘produce’. If Gender referred to birth from the beginning, and sex refers to your sexual organs from birth, then are they not the same? Why is it so important that we change our language to fit some fantasy of there being more than 2 genders? People, I’m sorry if your dysphoria is so bad that it has to stuck between what your brain believes is the line between male and female— but that doesn’t make you agender or genderfluid. I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works. There are two types of sexes.... two types of GENDER: Male and female. Your genitalia does determine that. I don’t say this to be hateful, I don’t say this to be transphobic, or homophobic, but ‘thinking’ that all these other ‘identities’ exist and changing the definition of gender to fit our current liberal society isn’t the answer to the problems there kids face. If it really is Dysphoria, then it is Dysphoria. It is a mental disorder, and it requires therapy, medication, and if absolute need be— gender transition. Fake genders/sexes don’t exist, and trying to debunk traditionalists to create this fantasy land is not going to help our society or these kids in the long run. Language is important, people! Don’t forget the definition of gender and sex, no matter what the dictionary may say years from now! Partners: @the_right_defector @equalitypleaze #republican #democrat #conservative #liberal #catholic #christian #checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself #gender #sex #language

Are student loans going to be the cause of the next financial crisis? And can you like gay people and a sandwich? #libertyisalifestyle