👑SLAYMOND BRAUN!👑 The time has come! Kept my lips locked for a while, it’s sooo hard when you want to post sooo badly! Congratulations to Raymond on his episode on @rupaulsdragrace 💋 There’s so much I have to say, but I’ll try to keep it short. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Raymond. Thank you for always supporting me and letting me express my work creatively and freely. I’m soooooo grateful for all our fun photo adventures together. Also sorry to the people at Urth Cafe when we were looking through these photos. We couldn’t stop screaming. Raymond snatching wiggggsss out here. Lastly, these are my top favorite photos. I don’t think I can ever top these. I’m gonna retire on an island now. Hahah jk. I’m going on vacation. Anyways hope y’all enjoy the photos to come. Lots of love and hard work went into this 💖 See y’all when I come back. - L✈️

Made a beautiful new friend this year @rupaulsdragcon @kjoriginal is such a genuine beautiful soul! . . #joesvenice #lovewall #pride #dragcon #beach #sun #instagay #gaystagram #LGBTQIA #lapride #henna #dragconquershate @hrclosangeles @joesvenice

@angelinalovelace you are bringing it with this look♥️♥️♥️

Aren't we just too fabulous wrapped in our finest furs @lucidluminos 💚👹🦊 @rupaulsdragcon

Miss Vanjie....Miss Vanjie....and the last one was real long and depressing. #dragqueen #dragcon #dragcon2018 #rupaulsdragrace #missvanjie #missvanjiemissvanjiemissvanjie

Miss Vanjie...Miss Vanjie...and the last one is long and depressing. #dragcon #missvanjie #rupaulsdragrace

Ru, Give the Gays What We Want, or I’ll Hold It Against You

Dragqueendivas.com is thrilled to announce @the_official_lolarose has joined our family. Girl knows how long I’ve been waiting 💋💋

Oh try and explain to a 9 year old that @fagenstein isn’t offended by HER OWN NAME. 😂🤣🧟‍♀️ #fagenstein #dragcon #dragarmy

In case you missed it: You can now watch the ENTIRE 31-minute “Drag and @thesimpsons” panel from @rupaulsdragcon 😮💋 Head over to DerekPlease.com to watch and read my top 10 favorite moments attending this special session.