I took both of these photos in 2014. The first was from Melbourne and the second in New York. They both caught the eye of @dawnmichelle14 and the @splashmasters_fam . She connected with me so early on in the piece and was always so supportive and encouraging. Her keen eye for photography and hunting down awesome street art was the stuff of envy for anyone who was lucky to have connected with her. I haven't really known what to say or how to feel about the news of Dawn passing and it rips my heart out that she's gone so soon. I will say this though...people like Dawn are the reason we all have connected over the years through insta. The street art community is far stretched worldwide but I'd like to say close in its own eccentric way. We may not have met in person but i know i can go to almost any city in the world and through the connections I've made over the years, would get a pretty sweet street art tour from you guys. 👍 I've made some long lasting friendships as a result of Instagram and i truly value the love and support that you all have given to me and each other over the years. RIP Dawn. 🌷 My condolences go out to your family and friends and the DSB family @dsb_graff @dopeshotbro 💜