Look at my guy DOIN’ It! Maverick make the ladies go CRAZY 🤪🤩😂💯 BIG love to @dailybrewcoffee for ALWAYS showing #teamfloppyears and @traingangk9 love. BIG MAVERICK is only three days out of the penitentiary and loving life! A special thank you to @jayylove135 for showing MAV love this morning! 💯 ———— Hey guys go check out Mavericks wish list by clicking the link in our bio, and as always don’t forget to SIGN UP for our FREE newsletter!😳Www.teamfloppyears.com 🤘🏽🔥 #everywheredogs

How to maintain the calm mindset step by step... This morning Honey and I trekked down to the busy shopping plaza to practice her remote collar heel and polite leash manners out in public. My walk with Honey begins the moment that I get her out of her crate. So every moment along the way, long before we reach the shopping plaza, is a check point to see where Honey’s mindset is at and to address any over excitement/mental arousal before we move forward. At the crate door, Honey waits for an invitation to come out (even if the door is wide open!)... checking the mindset. Next, she sits patiently while I get her dressed... checking the mindset. Next we head towards the house door and Honey sits and waits for me to get my shoes on... checking the mindset. At the house door, again Honey must be calm and wait for an invitation to come through the door (even if it’s wide open!).... checking the mindset. Again at the car door, calm and waiting for an invitation to get in (checking the mindset) and then immediately into a down/stay in the back seat which she holds until we reach our destination and she’s asked to exit the car (yup... she needs to wait on an invitation to enter AND exit the car door too!)... checking the mindset. Once she’s out of the car, she goes straight into a heel and away we go for our walk. Along the way, there are soooo many opportunities and check points to see how the dog is doing mentally.... are they calm and waiting or are the barley hanging on excited and pushy. Each of these check points are opportunities to address an overexcited mind and help the dog to feel calm before moving forward so that when we reach our destination the dog is CALM because it’s soooo much easier for a dog to listen to her handler and make good choices when she’s feeling calm, cool and collected.😎🤩💗

Max made a trip to the in-laws in the country. It took a little while to settle in, but he did really good. Chickens and dogs and Max took it all in stride. And this is a place that we had a couple of bad experiences in the past with some of their dogs. Slowly continuing to make progress. #everywheredogs

Ella and I had a lot of fun this afternoon on our field trip! We went for a walk amid a gaggle of bikers on the trail, politely heeled by some exuberant and excited dogs, held a down/stay calmly on the veranda of the coffee shop amongst the other patrons and had coffee (well... coffee for me and water for Ella 😉) and also dreamt about riding the rails like two wild travellers 😜🚂 Whenever we’re out in public with our dogs we want to hold them to a high expectation for polite manners and behaviour and so that Ella could do her best work and focused on her commands, I made sure to advocate for her at all times. Well done Ella!!! 🧡🌸🐶

Saturday on leash hike with Honey amid the wild sights and smells in the woods. Even though we are on a trail path and not a road or sidewalk, even though there is delicious horse poop on the ground right next to us, even though there are wild animal trails everywhere, even though squirrels jump out in front of us and scurry up the path... the same rules apply for polite leash walking!!! Calm mindset, proper heel position, no pulling, no sniffing, no monkey business. Just calm polite heeling as we ignore the distractions around us by helping Honey with her remote collar so that we can enjoy this pretty and peaceful Saturday afternoon on leash hike ☺️🐶🌸

Ok we will lay down next to one another but we will not look at each other!!! #ghk9 #everywheredogs

The most annoying sound!! But he loves this toy. #ghk9 #everywheredogs

Getting closer to our closing date on the new house so it’s time to get all those little things I tossed from the last move 😂 this is move number nine for me, so I am no rookie! Wes looks thrilled

Colt just completed our puppy board and train. These photos are from his go home session. I am teaching his owner how to use luring to mold his behavior. Puppies are very impressionable at this age. Make sure that you don’t miss this precious window of opportunity. It really can change the way your pup grows and develops. For more information on our puppy course, visit our web site. http://wtnk9.com/training/ #memphisdogtrainer #everywheredogs #westtnk9 #dog #dogtrainer #dogtraining #memphisdogtrainer #memphisdogtraining #memphisdog #memphisdogtraining #memphis #gsd #germanshepherd #gsdpuppy #germanshepherdpuppy

Someone is watching me on the mound!! #ghk9 #everywheredogs

#ghk9 #everywheredogs my boy chearing me on at my softball game!!!

Softball games rule! Where’s my sunflower seeds?? #everywheredogs #ghk9

Watching Daddy at a softball game chillin with Mama. #everywheredogs #ghk9

Super awesome 10 dog pack walk this morning on the Eastern Prom! Many of these have suffered from reactivity with various triggers and all were faced with them today. The best was not only seeing the dogs doing so well, but the support all the owners got from each other! Good stuff! We are so proud of these people 🙌 #dogtraining #balanceddogtraining #ecollartraining #ecollartechnologies #clickertraining #everywheredogs #portlandmaine #dogsofmaine #mainedogs #ligirodogtraining @zoey_the_irrepressible_pibble @drbyrd @starlaeve