Arton - отечественная аэрозольная краска для граффити и художественных работ с проверенным набором характеристик: — абсолютно матовая — высокая кроющая способность — высокая скорость нанесения — специальный состав краски исключающий подтёки — нанесение на все виды поверхностей — низкое, среднее давление в зависимости от насадки — мягкая пружина клапана — 95 цветов в объёме 400 мл и 10 цветов в объёме 600 мл Одним словом, Артон это оптимальное сочетание цены и качества, своеобразна «золотая середина», среди аэрозолей представленных в России. Не знаете, чем покрасить Ваш стол/стул/велосипед/вазу, берите Артон! Всегда в наличии в @artareashop #graffiti #khv27 #мркюч #artareashop #магазинырадости #хабаровск #prokhv

Can you find the #bumblebee or the leaf that has its shadow? 🐝🐝🐝 Stay focused, don't let your perceived obstacles stand in your way.... Even in dark times try to find the light... See the Light in Yourself then Help someone see the Light in themselves, 🌟🌟🌟Raise Your Vibrational Calibrations🌟🌟🌟... Even in darkness find a way to shine your light, so that you may help others find their light...Sometimes in the search of the light you encounter darkness... Shadows always follow the Light #vibes #spirituality and the spiritual quest, Stay patient, be someone and inspire 💦💦💦 #ChiefedAtBirth  #popart  #streetculture  #throwz #graff #graffiti #urbancontemporaryart #contemporaryartist #modernart #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #mixedmediaartist #newjersey #urbanart  #nj  #nuyorican #newyorican #jerseycity #dirtyjerz #cabvasquez #grimeart #grime #nyc #newyork #vasquez

One of my main goals of this MNL trip was to see an @anggerilya masterpiece in the flesh. And with intense research and help from dope friends, I found my favorite one… the “Ang Bakunawa at Ang Minokawa” 🐉🦅 — For me, this is a strong work of art that depicts how amazing our folklore is. In Ancient Visayan mythology, the Bakunawa is a dragon that rises from the ocean to swallow the moon. This event turned out to be the eclipse. And that is why the bisaya word for eclipse itself is… bakunawa! 🐉🌑(shoutsout to my dad for this info... lol) — And for our Bagobo relatives in Mindanao, their eclipse was caused by a giant bird called the Minokawa! They believed this bird came down from the horizons to swallow the sun and in turn, caused an eclipse. Hence, this beautiful phoenix type creature hovering around the sun in this piece. 🦅🌞 — Much love and appreciation to the @anggerilya team for this amazing piece tho. Ive been a fan of their work for years already! I believe art like this that depicts the beauty of our roots keeps that ancestor energy alive in this modern age. And the realization of that ancestor energy within us is what we might need to transcend our growth 🙏🏽 #ROOTS — >>> @anggerilya !!! Check them out. Get inspired. 🎨 — 📸 @jmmanlangit