Your health is an investment, not an expense ✨ • Memorial Day Weekend is just a few days away! Get your workouts in this week before celebrating this weekend. Book yourself into class using The Bar Method app. 📸: @smalltalksocial

Courgetti with cherry tomatoes, lightly tossed in a pan. The secret to this dish is in the seasoning—don’t be light handed on the olive oil and the herbs! I used parley, basil, and oregano. 🙊🥒🍅🍝🥗

I went to a beautiful pink ribbon breakfast this morning raising funds for breast cancer NZ. You can see the beautiful table setting and all the delicious goodies in my stories. 🎀 Interestingly, the oncoplastic breast surgeon who spoke said alcohol consumption and excess weight are key risk factors.m, and the ideal preventative diet is plantbased and sugar free. Food for thought 😉 🌷 So in honor of pink ribbon month, (and because it’s pink), here’s my favourite sugar free recipe, Pink Chocolate with Toasted Hazelnuts. ✨ The recipe is exclusive to The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse program, and is truly sugar free ie no sweetener at all. If the idea of going sugar free interest you, you can check out all the details via the link in my profile. 💕 While you’re there you might want to also check out the PREP GUIDE, for anyone not quite sure they’re up to a full sugar cleanse, my top ten tips for cutting sugar and my free sugar cleanse workshop. 💗 • • • • • #glutenfree #dairyfree #paleo #plantbased #theartofslowliving #iamwellandgood #seekthesimplicity #mindbodygram #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #sugarfree #wholefoods #verilymoment #vegansofig #grainfree #veganfood #vegetarian #aquietstyle #bgbcommunity #thatauthenticfeeling #organic #feelfreefeed #momentsofmine #realfood #cleaneats #refinedsugarfree #littlestoriesofmylife #inspiremyinstagram #lifeandthyme #livethelittlethings

Work From Om daily habits: BREATHE. Mindfully. 💨 Meditate 🧘🏼‍♀️ Move 🤸🏻‍♀️ Simple as that. What is it that you want to be doing? #WorkFromOm

Happy Monday ❣️ hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great start to your week! Update on my neck situation (if you missed me talking about it on my stories, I irritated my intercostal nerve- maybe by lifting a patient but really not sure): the chiropractor has REALLY been helping me. I have had two sessions so far and have another this afternoon. You guys know I think medications can be awesome and are very important for certain things, but I also think that sometimes it’s important to try other methods first, before going on steroids and/or taking a lot of ibuprofen 🙃 • @wegmans spring mix topped with some sautéed mushrooms and zuchinni noodles in some @fourthandheart garlic ghee, @vonshef.us air fried plantains, salsa, avo, @manitobaharvest hemp seeds, and a soft boiled @peteandgerry organic egg topped with some @traderjoes EBTB seasoning ✨ Credit @pleasedontkalemyvibe . . . . #lunch #nourishinglunch #healthylunch #salad #healthysalad #lunchbowl #eatyourgreens #lunchplate #dailyfuel #huffposttaste #eatwellbewell #iamwellandgood #feedyoursoul #foodisfuel #f52grams #feedfeed #tastingtable #whatsonmyplate #droolclub #eeeeeats #eatrealfood #healthyhabits #wellnesshack #realfood #toxinfree #healthspo #goodmoodfood #healthyeah #mindbodygreen #pleasedontkalemyvibe

-Taco Tuesday- If you haven't excessively overfilled your tacos, are they even really tacos? 🤔🌮 ⋆ Ok sooo, remember my ordeal with the taco wraps last Tuesday? Would you believe, the very next day I was in the health food store & found these babies!!! 😍 They're GM, dairy & gluten free & don't contain an extensive chemical ingredient list! I actually didn't think anything like this existed! 😲 Plus, they're made in Australia from Australian ingredients & they taste freekin' delicious!!! 🤤 ⋆ 💁🏽 What's your favourite taco filling? ⋆ Details: @latortilleriaau tortillas filled with purple cabbage, capsicum, alfalfa sprouts, snow pea sprouts, cilantro, roast pumpkin, chicken, guacamole, grated carrot, topped with sea salt & lime.

#Repost @jessca_brooke ✨ hey yogis! We’re sponsoring a yoga challenge! Be sure to join in for a chance to win a Mala! 📿 ・・・ ATTENTION YOGA PRACTITIONERS & those looking for somewhere to start! ALL welcome ♥️ My two BEAUTIFUL Cohosts @ScarlettNadine and @Clairie_Harris and I are releasing a reFRESHing IG YOGA challenge just for YOU #justforall this summer! #SummerSelfXpression June 3rd- 17th HOW IT WORKS Each day during the challenge we will give you asanas/options and empower you to do a journal log like entry in your caption. Challengers post their pic or video daily AND USE ALL TAGS! This means TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN PRIZES: 1- use #SummerselfXpression IN ALL POSTS so we can see all of your BEAUTIFUL posts! 2-Make sure you FOLLOW AND TAG ALL HOSTS AND SPONSORS in EVERY CHALLENGE POST! 3- Repost this flyer and INVITE 3-5 friends to practice with us! We look forward to seeing your beautiful ASANAS AND GETTING TO KNOW THE TRUE YOU! . . . Host line up @borneclothing @happyhippiecreations @third_eye_malas @vesi_star @codefitmiami @bkindapothecary @willowandbirchbotanicals @lavaliere.life @glassticbottle THIS MEANS 9 WINNERS!

You asked.. & here it is! . Banana pear bread 🤤 so cozy, yummy & handy to have for on-the-go breakky & snacks 🍌 . RECIPE 👇🏽 Mix 1.25c wholemeal flour, 1/2c rolled oats, about 50g vanilla protein powder (optional), 1 tsp baking powder & 1/2tsp baking soda. . In another bowl mash 2 big bananas 🍌, 1 grated nashi pear 🍐, 1/2c of milk/mylk, & 3 tablespoons nuttelex/butter/coconut oil (you choose!) . . Mix wet & dry ingredients until JUST combined. Pour into pan & bake at 180 degrees for ~30mins. (More if you like it bread-y, less if you like it a little doughy/dense) . This works great as muffins as well - just reduce baking time. . This recipe I made for my #lowsalicylate diet challenge, however adding cinnamon, vanilla extract, choc chips, other fruits etc. work & is also delicious (trust me.. I’ve tried it all! A trusty adaptable recipe this one 👍🏼) Keeps in the fridge for ~1 week & also freezes well. . Please DM to let me know if you make it & what you think!! Tag @the.truthful.scoop ☺️

I inspire all those around me 2 live healthier lives. Simply by living by example. I prepare myself a smoothie damn near every day. I don't mind adding a few additional ingredients so I can share w/my Tribe. I have a young Mom who's from a big family. I'm nearly 36 yrs in2 living & damn near every family member of her generation & older has a serious dis-ease. The most effective way 4 me 2 advocate 4 their health is 2 share my abundance. Without waiting 4 them 2 take the lead. I had 2 make peace w/all their choices. And focus all my energy in2 me & my 2 babies. Suddenly, the world is no longer on my back & I can breathe😩😊! I stay in celebration mode. I pass out smoothie rounds in various glass sizes of smoothie mixed w/some good ol herbs. Nothing says "Self, I love u", quite like this. Lightworkers, as u make peace w/all the karma ur around, go put ur cape up & chill. Every1 is responsible 4 their own choices. Send love @ all times & manifest ur desires. Family style smoothie sessions r worth HELLA points 😉. Unconditional love always wins 💕🔆😘 #ElectricLady #TwerkNTone #TeamAlchemy #HealChallenge #LuvNLite #smoothie #smoothies #parfait #cacao #plantbased #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree #paleo #organic #raw #lovetheearth #eatclean #realfood #wholefoods #eatrealfood #beautifulhealth #goopmake #thatsdarling #onthetable #iamwellandgood #cleanfoodshare #todayfood #foodstyling #simpleeating

You know you have a problem when you’re at the gym and you realize you’ve been replacing your dry shampoo bottle more regularly than your regular shampoo🙋🏻‍♀️

When you own your breath, noboby can steal your peace🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️🦋 Yoga has always reminded me of that. When I arrive on that mat I make a conscious decision to be there and with my breath. Some days are harder than others but the more I observe and the more I practice the easier it becomes. It has been a tool I use in everyday life. Grateful for the ability to practice Yoga 🙏🏽

This is my breakfast booster for holidays. I will be in Madrid next week and won't leave the house without it. This mix is filled with nutritious ingredients like hemp seeds, flax meal, spirulina, nettle powder, cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla & some adaptogens like reishi, chaga & cordyceps. I just can mix it with soaked oats in my lovely airbnb ♡. Das ist mein Müesli Booster für die Ferien. Ich reise nach Madrid nächste Woche und werde das Haus nicht ohne so eine Mischung verlassen. Das "Rezept" findet ihr unter "Müesli Booster" auf dem Blog. . #breakfast #nutrientdense #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #antiinflammatory #nutrition #organic #plantpower #plantbased #vegan #healthy #healthyfood #adaptogens #hemp #foodasmedicine #nutrientdense #nourish #gesund #entzündungshemmend #ernährung #glutenfrei #zuckerfrei #frühstück #müesli #arthritis #autoimmunedisease #resilience #selfcare #realfood #iamwellandgood