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Mmmmhmmmm ... A sunny day is made for liverwurst ice cream 🍦(special Version for dogs)

I received some upsetting news about precious Martini a couple of weeks ago. She now has heart problems, which was causing her terrible congested cough. The X-ray showed her heart is abnormally shaped and there is an area that is either a mass or thickening caused by heart disease. She's going in for an echocardiogram in the morning. Between her been sick and being incredibly scared, I'm worried about even just leaving her there. (My cat Pattie died in similar circumstances. Tini is my mom's dog. She was very closely bonded to my mom, and my mom to her. In fact, what would turn out to be my mom's last words to me were about Tini. (This photo was of Tini going to or from the vet the other day — she does not care for the crate!) . . . #pomeranian #pomerians #partipom #partipomeranian #blackandwhite #blackandwhitepomeranian #blackandwhitedog

Quando bate aquele sono e a mamãe quer fazer um book.. 😰 #Spitz #spitzanao #cachorro #amor #Love #dog #pomeranian #pomerianworld #pomerians #poppy