#Repost @lemmythenewf ・・・ Check out all these goodies! 👅 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With an always changing plate, this pup will never have a boring meal! 🐾 Today I’m munching on 🐄 Beef Lung 🐄 Beef Trachea 🐖 Pork Tail (Skin On) 🐟 Half Sardine (Whole) 🐚 Green Lipped Muscles 🌿 Kelp 🥥 Golden Paste ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

#Repost @graywoof ・・・ Just a morning snack to get the pup going. 💪🏼 He’s always stoked when we get up in the morning because he knows it’s times for some noms. 🤤 If money wasn’t an issue, what dog food would you choose?

#Repost @flik.dot.dim ・・・ Currently camping with Flik and yes he will be eating his normal raw meals, this was their meal yesterday, they are loving the @answerspetfood raw fermented kefir! ▪️ Grass-fed/grass-finished ground beef Beef steak Mackerel Beef liver & spleen Duck feet Quail eggs Raw fermented kefir

This weeks meals for the dog of course! Pork liver,lamb kidney,ground beef trachea, ground goat,ground turkey, ground chicken necks,chicken breast,beef heart,ground sardines,probiotics. #rawfeddog #rawdogfood #mealpreppaysoff #ilovemydog #boxersofinstagram #kibblesucks

#Repost @jadethesablegsd ・・・ On Tuesdays, we clean our teeth 😁💙 #TeethCleaningTuesday ~ ≫ Raw meaty bones are an essential part of a well-balanced raw food diet & are very beneficial for your dog’s dental health! @bigcountryraw offers a wide selection of proteins, raw meaty bones, treats and supplements! Check them out! ❄️Tip: Feed them frozen to extend chew time!

#Repost @ivyrose_sheltie ・・・ Raw fed teeth in action!! . I’m enjoying a raw beef neck bone from @tryhealthypaws! Keeps my brain occupied and my teeth clean!

#Repost @abel_the_golden_boy ・・・ To understand why a biologically appropriate diet is best for your dog, you first need to understand how their digestive system works. ____ The process of digestion begins in the mouth. A canine has 42 teeth that are all sharp, made for scraping, slicing, and crushing. They have NO flat teeth. Their jaws are only able to move up and down. The food they eat will only be crunched up enough to swallow. If they swallow a piece that is too big, they might regurgitate it, crunch it up a few more times and try again. This is normal behavior. _____ Their saliva lacks the enzymes to start the breakdown of food. It’s used as a lubricant to coat the food and to help it go down the esophagus. The saliva is actually very alkaline, around 8 on the ph scale, which helps in preventing cavities. However, the saliva DOES contain antibacterial enzymes that eliminate bad bacteria. This is why after about 20 minutes or so, your dog should be rid of any harmful bacteria in its mouth. This is why they lick wounds to help heal them, and why they typically don’t get sick from eating some really nasty stuff. ______ When a dog eats too many fruits/grains/carbohydrates/vegetables and refined foods, it makes the saliva more acidic, increasing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and other health problems. ______ *I AM NOT A CERTIFIED CANINE NUTRITIONIST*

Raw meal, never cooked, fed as is : 🐖 Pork shoulder 🐄 Beef tongue 🐄 Beef kidney 🦃 Turkey hearts 🔸Turmeric paste 🌱 Super cube (herbs+veg) 🌻 Vitamin E 🍄 Mushroom blend from @caninematrix _____________________________________ 🐾Custom Raw Meal Plans and Pet Nutrition Consultations can be found at www.theprimalpet.com (link in bio)

#Repost @deeeohgeee ・・・ Baby's dinner tonight @rawfeedingmiami tripe stuffed quail 🐦, goat 🐐 tenderloin, duck 🦆 foot, @primitive_choice bison testes, cow 🐮 heart, green lipped mussels 🙌 ignore the stitches on Bella's face 😩

#Repost @mousethebully ・・・ 🐾⚜️Mouse - What do you mean I can’t be in the master bedroom ? 😅⚜️🐾

#Repost @deeeohgeee ・・・ @rawfeedingmiami : venison 🦌 chunk, duck 🦆 chunk , @realdogbox salmon , chicks 🐥, rabbit 🐰 liver, quail 🐦 eggs, mint 🌿, veg 🥒 purée, gelatin cube, @primalpetfoods bone broth 🐮

#Repost @functionalcanine ・・・ 🍏 🥩You are what you eat 🥦🍗 Real food is for real dogs, we don’t feed fake food here 🐶 . . 🐕 Which puppy is not like the others? 🐩

Now here's a painting of my baby boy Arlo. Arlo is my 6 year old St. Bernard rescue. We don't know much about his past either, other than that he was likely abused. When we first adopted him he came down with distemper from lack of vaccination and exposure at the pound. It was a hard fight for both of us. Though we were so lucky that he never went into full blown neuralogical distemper. He does have tremors and the occasional very mild seizure when he gets too excited. Arlo has come out of his shell so much now that he has his little brother Bjorn in his life. Bjorn has made him a more stable dog and Arlo has taught Bjorn how to play and to bark at the neighborhood cats. #petportrait #adoptdontshop #rawfeddog #watercolor #watercolorart #watercolorpainting #saintbernard #bigdog #bigdogsrule #bigdogsofinstagram #distempersurvivor

Cool down with our Frozzy's delicious lactose free frozen yoghurt for dogs! They love it! 🐶❤️🍦four flavours to choose from- original, strawberry, cranberry and blueberry!! #dogicecream #happydog #rawfeddog