I was thinking I probably wouldn't do too much on my last day in #lisbon, but of course my feet refused to steer me back to the @poetshostel until the last possible moment. I discovered new areas around the Time Out Market, ate my weight in Portuguese food & Santini's gelato, found where David Hasselhoff has been hiding all these years, watched the sunset and listened to live music with a million other people at Santa Catarina Viewpoint, caught up with a bartender who I met the first few nights in #lisboa, and ate dinner in the alleyways of Bairro Alto with a group of total strangers from Holland who quickly became fun acquaintances. As I've said many times now, Portugal has been a dream. Thank you for following along with me on this adventure - and now back to regularly scheduled programming of cat photos and food porn. 😂 Until the next adventure... #Worldtravel #Worldnomads #Solotravel #Solofemaletravel #Girlswhotravel #Wanderlust #Travelmore #Adventure #Seetheworld #Travelinspiration #Beinspired #Travel #Wanderer

Weekend Getaway Dreaming 💫💭

If Mexico City had a Montmartre... there’s even a busker down the street playing La Vie En Rose. Roma is a dream 🇲🇽❤️

“The experience of a lifetime. Do it!” – Going Places Family via @tripadvisor . 📸 Mike Welch | 📍 CMH Cariboos | #exploreBC #rei

YAY for three day weekends! Where are you traveling to this holiday? 📷 @demibrooke | #eBagsTraveler | #family #familygoals #airstreamlife #packingcube #threedayweekend #vacation

Bésalu, established during the 9th Century, the Jewish community in this small town was one of the oldest in Catalonia. Until the 15th Century, Jews living here were protected by the kings, and became prominent in medicine and commerce. Besalú was not affected by the pogroms of 1391, but after the Pope Benet XIII’s bull of 1415 forced the Jews to live separately in their own neighborhoods, many began to leave Besalú and others converted. In 1964 the mikve (ritual bath) was discovered on the site of the archeological remains of the 13th-Century synagogue in the old Jewish quarter. Because of the medieval character of the entire town, Besalú was declared a National Historical-Artistic Site in 1966.

The incredible Santa Justa elevator. A 2 hour queue to catch a ride so we walked across the bridge to the top section instead