No idea who the parents are... But kinda glad we won't find out... That's way too many baby fish 😵 #aquarium #fish #tropicalfish #fishtank #fisheggs #notsosubtle

Baby Puhi (Eel) swimming on the North Shore.

i’ve got almost all nine of my discus in this video. number nine just didn‘t want to be in the picture 🤓 | 450l

After 4 days finally got the little buggers to come out from behind the damn rock... 🙄 Also - who knew snails could swim??? 😱🐌🐠 @biorbfish • • • #aquarium #biorbpeople #biorb #fishtank #tetra #africansnail #aquascape #tropicalfish

Front view of the algae ridden 12 long, with it's new addition of dwarf hair grass in the background!

One of the 6 new amano shrimp already started to work hard at the algae!

Clean up time after dropping the shrimp and planting all the dhg.

Finally planting some dwarf hair grass in the 12 long while the new shrimp float and acclimate! Slowly adding clean up crew and doing a bunch of water changes to help catch up with this algae.